Brushing my teeth triggers morning sickness

I am having the hardest time at the moment. My morning sickness seems to be getting worse. I’m 8weeks 4 days.  Now brushing my teeth triggers morning sickness! Gah. I’m over it.  It happens every time without fail. Any tips for brushing teeth with morning sickness?

Yes! Brushing your teeth with morning sickness can be surprisingly challenging.  To make it even tricker, good dental hygiene is particularly important if you are vomiting in pregnancy. Over time vomiting frequently can damage the enamel of your teeth. So here are some tips for brushing your teeth with morning sickness:

  • Use a kids sized toothbrush. Sometimes the toothbrush itself can trigger the gagging reflex.
  • Try a different toothpaste. Sometimes a change is enough to break the cycle. For some women, a certain scent or flavour can set them off. Milder toothpaste can help.
  • Use less toothpaste when brushing.
  • Cut back a little on the actual brushing and supplement with Tooth Mousse. This a product is a crème that you rub onto your teeth to help re-mineralise them. The product is specifically recommended by many dentists in Australia.  It’s safe for use in pregnancy. Use ‘original’ not ‘plus’ while pregnant.
  • Experiment with the time of day you brush. If you can, choose a time you feel the ‘least vomity’.
  • And finally, take your time, take a break if you need to and take a breath. It’s pretty basic but it works.

Another important note, make sure you don’t brush straight after vomiting. The acid in your mouth (from vomiting) can soften your tooth enamel which makes your teeth susceptible to permanent damage from brushing too soon. Instead, wash your mouth out straight away with water and then using Tooth Mousse as mentioned above is a really good option.

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