Is it strange my morning sickness starts and stops?

So you’ve been feeling really sick with pregnancy nausea for weeks. Then one day it happens! You wake up and your morning sickness symptoms have disappeared.

Instead of it feeling like a wonderful relief, panic sets in. Is something wrong? Is my baby ok? What’s going on?

my morning sickness seems to start and stop

A fickle friend

It turns out morning sickness can be a pretty fickle friend. It might follow you around for weeks and then disappear without explanation (causing you a huge amount of anxiety and worry), only show up again days later like nothing ever happened. Some friend!

Mum to be with morning sickness symptoms. Lots of women find their morning sickness starts and stops. Pregnancy symptoms can fluctuate and it doesn't mean there is a problem.

Lots of women have good days and bad days morning sickness wise. Pregnancy symptoms fluctuate and it’s not a reliable indicator for how your pregnancy is progressing.

My morning sickness starts and stops for days at a time. I keep thinking something is wrong. I talked to my sister and a couple of friends but they had really different experiences. It was more predictable and constant until they got into the second trimester.

I’m just under 7 weeks pregnant. I felt awful on Sunday (I had vomiting, nausea, and bad fatigue). On Monday I had nausea but no vomiting, Tuesday was fine, Wednesday was back to awful but Thursday and Friday I felt pretty good.

I had an early miscarriage last year with no pregnancy symptoms so I’m feeling really nervous this time around. The morning sickness is a comforting sign.

Every time it disappears I think something is wrong.

Is this normal? Should I worry?

There can be other factors at play here too. How much sleep you’re getting, work and other demands, stress levels, what you’re eating and drinking… it can all influence how you’re feeling.

If you can’t shake the feeling something is wrong definitely call your obstetrician / midwife / medical practitioner and get checked out.

Listening to your body and going with your intuition is important and you know your body better than anyone else. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking them about it, even if it is all fine in the end. A talk with them may help put your mind at ease.

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