My beautiful sister never had horrific morning sickness? Really?

I have some shocking news. It’s weird and unexpected. Maybe you should sit down.

My sister is pregnant but never had awful, debilitating, can’t-get-off-the-couch morning sickness.

You heard correctly. My sister didn’t get morning sickness!!!

I know right. Shocking.

As awful as morning sickness can be, there is one good thing about morning sickness. Truly there is! There may even be a moment where you are glad you have you have it.

Did she handle her pregnancy better than I did?

Ok, so it’s obviously also very exciting news. And my sister is a beautiful human being and I’m very happy for her and am very much looking forward to falling in love with my niece.

But let’s get back to the shocking bit. My sister didn’t get morning sickness. She didn’t follow in my morning sickness won’t leave me alone footsteps.

I mean she felt a little unwell at times in her first 12 weeks, but didn’t get morning sickness of the hardcore variety and certainly didn’t experience symptoms past the 3 month mark.

In fact for much of her pregnancy she looked down right fabulous. At times she had that glowing thing going on that people talk about. This is obviously a totally foreign concept to me and I came to believe it to be myth or legend. I was completely stunned.

In the back of my mind I think must have just put my experience down to genetics (whatever that means really). I thought my body was just built that way. Without having really ever thought about it,  somewhere deep in my consciousness I must have assumed or expected that my sister would have a similar experience.

And then she didn’t.

my sister didn't get morning sickness

For a split second I had that “hmm maybe it was something I was doing or not doing” thought. I almost felt like she handled her pregnancy better than I did (which is ridiculous I know). It’s even more ridiculous when you remember that your sister’s pregnancy actually has nothing to do with you, and that you have utterly separate bodies and pregnancies and experiences.

So there you go, sisters may have a lot of things in common but a terrible morning sickness experience isn’t necessarily one of them.

For the record, I think I’m going to make a kick-ass Aunty. I can feel it!

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